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Brittany Venglarcik

Eastern Michigan University

Investigation of Small Molecule Migration of Additives in Multi-Layer Coatings


Many automotive coating applications require the use of multiple coating layers to provide different, specific, roles to provide the best possible coating system. In addition to the typical pigments, binders, and solvents, many coatings require the use of additives to overcome issues in supporting the multilayer application process and/or their performance. The additives used are generally small molecules, thus increasing mobility within and between coating layers. This mobility, however, is not always understood and is typically unable to be traced or tracked throughout the coatings. Formulators would benefit from a mechanistic understanding of how these small molecules migrate between layers of wet-on-wet multilayer coating systems. This research aims to identify molecule migration between wet-on-wet applied coatings, aiming to understand how the migration can change with partial cure of the individual layers, and how different analytical means that may be employed to investigate this migration.


Brittany Venglarcik is currently a new product engineering specialist with Axalta Coating Systems. Brittany joined Axalta in June 2015 and has worked as a plant support scientist until her recent move to product engineering. Brittany obtained her B.A. in Chemistry from Michigan State University in 2012, and her M.A. in Chemistry from Wayne State University in 2015. Brittany is currently working to complete her M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Technology from Eastern Michigan University.