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Megan Szakasits


Texture Dampening and Telegraphing in Modern Automotive Layering Systems


Traditional 3C2B paint systems rely on baked primer to cover or dampen a majority of texture structure that comes from steel and/or electrocoat. With the introduction of consolidated or compressed systems, we replaced the baked primer with paint layers that more resemble basecoat formulations where the principal concern is hold-out resistance and application robustness. Along the way, did we give up something in texture dampening? Do consolidated processes move the burden of final appearance to steel quality and e-coat smoothness?

Axalta is interested to survey appearance relative to the influence of steel, e-coat, primer (optional), and topcoat layers. More specifically we show the impact of each layer on the appearance of the next layer up. Measurement systems include confocal microscopy, phase stepped deflectometry, profilometry, and WaveScan techniques.


Biography coming soon.