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Vivek Komaragiri


Real Time Non-contact In-Process Thickness Measurement of Automotive Paint and Other Coatings


There are limited thickness measurement tools for accurate and precise in-process measurement of a range of applied coatings used in manufacturing of automotive products and automotive components. Real time in-process measurement data is critical for process optimization and automation. An absolute coating thickness measurement solution to measure both transparent and pigmented coatings applied on automotive components will be presented. Data will be presented on a wide range of coatings such as E-Coat, Basecoats, topcoats, clearcoats, Anti-fog, anti-scratch and so on. It is recognized that the absence of real-time thickness control of many of the industrial coatings has created significant challenges for coated product manufacturers and coating suppliers alike. Current industry measurement techniques have proven to be either inaccurate, invasive or time-consuming. Using the presented technology, various applied coatings can now be measured wet or dry over a range of metallic and non-metallic substrates. Coated product manufacturers can use this new technology for in-process thickness measurement for proper coating application and cross web/down web coating consistency or for accurate off-line QA measurement needs.

The availability of a high-speed measurement alternative that accurately measure thickness or coat weight of applied coatings will reduce costs and changeover times while improving product quality assurance. The presented method minimizes production issues and eliminates non-productive man-hours incurred with tedious manual test methods. Real-time measurement data and summary results will be presented, including a review of repeatability, stability, accuracy, and the environmental benefits from plant use of the measurement method.


Vivek Komaragiri is the Chief Technology Officer at Sensory Analytics where he has been instrumental in the development of award-winning SpecMetrix ROI technologies and an integral part of technology and new product development efforts since 2005. Vivek led the recent development of the impactful new EXR technologies for more precise thickness measurement of applied paint layers that are transforming coating application processes at global manufacturing leaders.

Vivek has broad and diverse educational background in optical physics, spectroscopy, software, and electronic instrumentation and over sixteen years of experience in developing optical thickness measurement modules for use on coated metals and other industrial substrates.