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Jim Reader


Improving Adhesion: A Continuing Challenge with Modern, Complaint Coatings


Adhesion is one of the most important properties of both decorative and protective coatings. Coatings have to provide excellent adhesion to many different or even mixed substrates and even overcome the hurdles created by poorly prepared or cleaned surfaces. The adhesion between different paint layers is also critical to the long-term performance of industrial coatings. As the demand for better adhesion increases, and regulations continue to limit formulation freedom, additives that can help to improve adhesion become more critical. This can be particularly challenging for water-based and high solids formulations.

There are many different approaches to improving the adhesion of paint, both chemical and mechanical. Polyester resins are a class of additives that can improve the adhesion of high solids and water-based coatings to different surfaces. These additives combine flexible polymer chain segments with different functional groups that can provide adhesion and interaction with different surfaces and binders to enhance adhesion and other physical properties of a coating formulation. Originally developed for solvent based coatings, newer generation polyester adhesion promoters have been developed for water-based and high solids applications.


Jim Reader graduated from the University of Warwick (UK) in 1988 with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. He joined Air Products and Chemicals in 1988 in Manchester (UK) as a Research Chemist and later an Application Development Chemist for the Epoxy Additives business. He then became Technical Manager for the Air Products Specialty Additives business in 1996 based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, and has worked in Europe and Asia before becoming a Lead Chemist in Allentown, PA in 2008. Dr. Jim Reader joined Evonik Corporation as a Lead Chemist in January 2017. He has extensive experience in the both the development and application of surfactants and defoamers in many different applications including paints, coatings, graphic arts, adhesives, concrete admixtures and the production of latex gloves. He is the inventor of one patent and has written over 20 technical papers.