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Na Zhang


Coatings That Improve Manufacturing Efficiencies and Safety for Lithium-Ion Batteries


Trends in electrification and decarbonization are driving force behind the technical advancements in energy storage. Specifically, lithium ion batteries (LIBs) continue to evolve with the development of advanced materials and battery architectures that address the broad need for on-demand energy and sustainability. However, the current manufacturing of LIBs is quite energy intensive. For example, EV production generates almost 80 percent higher emissions intensity than that of an internal combustion car, one of the major factors being the manufacture of the battery. Of that, the cathode drying and NMP solvent recovery are the most energy-intensive process. PPG has developed coatings to eliminate NMP, an expensive consumable with serious health concern. The PPG cathode binder enables higher solids in the slurry, thus reducing solvent use. Additional advantages of PPG’s binder are faster line speed that lowers energy consumption and offer better battery performance within the existing manufacturing infrastructure. This presentation will highlight the new binder technology and demonstrate new material incorporation to scale this sustainable product.


Na Zhang is a research chemist in PPG. Her work focuses on product development for PPG NMP-free cathode binder for lithium ion batteries. She received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Cornell University. Her graduate work focused on cathode material synthesis and characterization for lithium-sulfur batteries.