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Calum Munro


Coatings and Materials Enabling Performance, Manufacturability, and Safety for EV Batteries


Electric vehicle growth is demanding unique solutions for lithium ion batteries and electrified drivetrains, including full battery electric vehicles that provide increased performance and range for broader consumer acceptance. To enable this, higher capacity EV batteries are being designed with increased energy density and higher voltage. In addition, scale is driving high throughput, automated coating and material solutions for improved productivity and cost. Together, these factors are increasing demand for lightweight, environmentally and manufacturing friendly functional solutions for battery pack sealing, thermal management and safety performance. PPG offers a unique range of solutions for these new demands in EV battery design and production.


Calum Munro is a senior scientist in PPG’s mobility team, supporting coatings solutions for autonomous and electric vehicles.

After joining PPG in 1997 as a research chemist with the central research group of science and technology, Calum moved through several research roles enabling technology for PPG’s automotive, industrial, refinish, aerospace, packaging and architectural business units. In 2004, he joined the automotive OEM business units, where he was responsible for global waterborne basecoat platforms and waterborne compact processes platforms. In 2006, he assumed responsibility for basic research and technology innovation as director, discovery. Munro was appointed to director, industrial coatings research in 2007, and then in 2010, to global technical director, industrial coatings. In 2016, he returned to the research function as a senior scientist focused on battery technology, and in 2018, was appointed to PPG’s mobility team.

A native of Scotland, Calum earned his bachelor of science with honors in Forensic and Analytical Chemistry and his Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Strathclyde. He worked with various government entities in a science capacity before joining PPG.