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Jon Lawniczak

Eckart America

Corrosion Protection Primers Based on Zn/Mg Alloys for Mixed Metals Applications


Equipment makers and repair professionals are facing an increasing number of vehicles and other equipment that are made of mixed metals, usually various combinations of steel and aluminum. Protecting this equipment from corrosion with primers has become a challenge because of the different galvanic response of the different metals. This presentation will discuss the development of metal alloy pigments and the application of these pigments in primers for steel and aluminum substrates. Formulation levers for adjusting primer performance on different grades of metal and metal combinations that are encountered in the paint shop and repair shop will also be discussed.


Jon Lawniczak is Marketing/Technical Service Manager for Industrial and Automotive Coatings at Eckart America Corporation, part of the Altana Group. In this role, he focuses on developing applications for Eckart’s pigment technology to enhance and advance visual and functional aspects of Industrial and Automotive coatings.

Jon began his career as a formulator for Automotive OEM paints in Detroit. He continued his work in formulation and product development at Eastman Chemical Company where he expanded his applications knowledge to Industrial Coatings. He earned his BS/Chemistry and MS/Physical Chemistry degrees at Michigan State University. He currently resides in Louisville, KY.