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Milind Ansurkar


Sustainable Clearcoat Formulations With an Extended Cure Window to Address Audi EV Needs


With the higher demand in electric vehicles and the higher mass/stiffness of the rocker panel area to protect the batteries in a crash, an extended cure window is evaluated in a feasibility study.

A 2K clearcoat formulation made with novel Polyol Resins was evaluated with melamine types of different reactivity to address the extended cure window while meeting OEM specification.

Specially maintaining car wash and chemical resistance behavior in under curing conditions and physical properties like stone chip and steam jet in over curing conditions.

Eastman’s unique recycling technology allows this formula to be made at a 25% recycled content.

We have seen that a variant with a specific melamine worked best and a 50/50 mix with a commercial control showed performance meeting one of the Premium OEM specifications for the full extended curing window.


Milind Ansurkar is a Senior Associate for the Global Transportation segment in the Coatings & Inks Technology division of Eastman Chemical Company. Prior to moving to Kingsport, he was the group leader for the Asia Pacific region of Eastman, responsible for the regional execution of coatings innovation and core business projects.

Having almost 30 years of experience in the automotive coatings industry. Milind began as a formulator with Asian paints, was promoted as an application development lead with PPG Asian Paints JV, and joined Eastman, a coatings raw material supplier, in 2014. Regardless of his location in the value chain, close partnerships with OEM’s has been an essential part of driving his innovation priorities.