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Thomas Keller

Axalta Coating Systems

Ecoat Challenges For BEVs


Production of BEVs at greenfield and brownfield plants places new challenges on the E-coat line. The increased complexity of the body reinforcement needed to support the battery weight and the increased use of mixed metal substrates means that the E-coat product must offer a broader bake window to ensure cure and compatibility with a range of substrates and pretreatments. This enhanced capability required of the E-coat product all takes place under the increasing demands for sustainability improvements in the paint shop.

To meet these new challenges, Axalta has developed AquaEC™ Flex. We will review the key attributes of this new E-coat:

  1. broad bake capability with cure at lower temperatures
  2. ultra-high throw power to ensure coverage of complex interiors while maintaining a low overall usage
  3. capability for superior anti-corrosion performance including edge protection

In addition, this paper will highlight the robust on-line performance of EC Flex (resistance to phosphate and other contaminates and low mapping sensitivity) within the context of improved sustainability from reduced water usage and energy consumption.


Thomas Keller is the Global Product Manager for Electrocoat at Axalta. He has been with Axalta for 3 years. In this capacity he is responsible for the overall growth and customer experience of Axalta’s e-coat portfolio through a sustainable long term product strategy.

Prior to Axalta, T. Keller worked in a variety of global roles at PPG Industries including Technical service, Technical coordination, and Product Management for Pre-treatment and electrocoat.

Thomas Keller holds a Associate degree in Chemical engineering from the University of Nancy, FR.