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Brent Laurenti


Novel Surface Additive for Crater Prevention and Improved Recoat


Formulation of clearcoats & topcoats often demands maximizing appearance & performance. Additives play a major role in achieving the desired properties & often require a balancing act. Silicone additives in the form of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) provide desirable attributes such as improved substrate wetting, anti-crater properties & increase surface slip. A potential downside of PDMS additives are concerns with recoatability & challenges with adhesion of graphics or labels. BYK has developed a new silicone modified acrylate macromer to simplify formulations & address the challenges of traditional PDMS additives. This unique additive improves substrate wetting, promotes flow & leveling, provides anti-crater properties & increases surface slip similar to a medium active PDMS. The material also increases the surface energy of the cured film resulting in improved recoatability as well as improved adhesion of graphics & label.


Brent Laurenti is the Automotive End Use Manager & Applied Technology Specialist for Surface Additives for BYK. He has 27 years of experience in the coatings industry. Brent started his coatings journey at Red Spot Paint & Varnish working in R&D. He moved to NPA Automotive for a short time serving as an on-site technical specialist at Toyota. In 2000 Brent joined ECKART where he held a variety of technical & commercial roles over the course of 16 years. In 2016, he transitioned within ALTANA to BYK where he currently leads technical support for automotive and aerospace coatings.